"I’m actually just a teenager, restless and goofy. Something like Hovis bread that you get in the UK; it’s white with all the goodness of brown"

- Dev Patel, star of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. Umm, we’re not sure we get the metaphor either...

"I help out at this market stall in Rye and we get the Cheeky Girls coming to buy bread. They haven’t got a clue who I am. I was thinking that, hopefully, the penny might drop because they’d have seen me on TV or something"

- Andy Bell of 1980s pop band Erasure admits to a second career - delivering bread to farmers’ markets for Hastings’ Judges Bakery, founded by BB columnist Jo Fairley

"Why should I have this guy running down the country? Who the f*** is he? How the hell are they [Starbucks] doing?"

- Miaow! Ever the diplomat, business secretary Peter Mandelson is overheard commenting on Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz, who had earlier given an interview to CNBC saying Britain’s economy was caught in a downward spiral