"On the face of it, it might seem that those of us who have largely rejected supermarket sliced in favour of homemade or bakery-bought sourdoughs should think again. Forget flavour, texture and the goodness of whole grains; let’s take a retro step back to consuming bread that has the character of make-up remover pads... But I urge caution. It is essential to address the general wholesomeness or lack thereof of processed foods, not just how much salt they contain"

headed ’Take the bread health scare with a pinch of salt’, The Telegraph defends bakers from accusations of too much salt in bread a first from a national newspaper. Of course, plant bread takes a kicking once more...

"I tried to explain it blew out of my hand but he said, ’It doesn’t matter, we saw you do it’. They took my details, tore off the ticket and said, ’There you go’"

upon leaving a bakery, Glasgow teenager Chris Banks is handed a £50 fine by litter cops later rescinded after 100mph gusts blew a biscuit out of his hand