You may remember, three weeks ago, when Stop the Week featured a story on [], which makes its cakes from unconventional ingredients: nappies. Well, owner Miranda Hart got in touch to express her delight at the coverage, and concurred that the concept would have struggled in the BBC’s Dragons’ Den. "I quite agree - definitely not a conventional filling, but one which is literally flying out like ’hot cakes’! I don’t think I would like to put myself through the Dragons’ Den - I can hear their comments now ’Nappy what?’, ’Cakes?’, ’I wouldn’t want a chocolate-filled one!’ etc."

She was pleased to report, though, that the success of her one-year-old website proves there is a market out there for nappy cakes - and it’s growing. But we still cannot see cake giants like Memory Lane Cakes or Greencore picking up the ball and running with it any time soon. Still, it’s pleasing to see BB is on the radar of the nappy cake-making community