National Bakery Training (NBT) is to rebrand to become the National Food & Drink Training, as it plans to expand into other areas of teaching. 

The organisation, part of Scottish Bakers, will begin working across the wider food and drink sector to deliver training and apprenticeships, effective from April this year.

It has spent the past 12 months investing in a new apprenticeship called Food Manufacturing Excellence (FME), which teaches learners about manufacturing techniques.

As well as working with bakers, the organisation has already received interest in the qualification from bottled water manufacturer Highland Spring and fish and seafood producer Dawn Fresh.

Alan Clarke, chief executive of Scottish Bakers, said: “The new FME apprenticeship gives bakers the opportunity to stand back and look at processes. Our trainers teach new technology, and help learners see how they can improve production processes.

“Our trainers themselves are already seeing baking in a new light, and I know it will make people think differently about how they work and use resources.”

The school is also developing an online academy, which will supplement learning from the trainers and work alongside the courses.

The first module has already been trialled, and 10 more are set to be added to the online zone by the end of the year.

Clarke continued: “It’s all about making it easier for people. Books and paper information is of course still available, but this way both young and older people can access learning at the touch of a button via iPads, laptops and iPhones.”

Under the rebrand, the classic craft bakery and related bakery qualifications will still be run, alongside the new manufacturing courses.