The Netherlands triumphed in this year’s Sigep International Bakery Cup ‘Bread in the City’ held at Rimini in Italy. 

Belgium came in second, while Spain placed third, despite the UK team’s best efforts.

Each team comprised three bakers representing their country and the UK was championed by David Mizon in the coaching role – he is self-employed and runs Train2Bake. He was also a judge.

The UK’s two competitors were Mickael Jahan, a French baker who runs Mickael’s Bakehouse, a professional consultancy and tutoring service for the baking industry, and Craig Machin who plies his trade at Chatwins bakery in Nantwich. Jahan previously captained the UK in the Bakery World Cup.

Spain also won the prize for Best Pizza, while Italy scooped Best Ciabatta and Best Display.

Mizon said: “In general, we are happy with what we have achieved, given the constraints. We worked hard as a team and the lads did their best on the day.”

David Amos, managing director of Zeelandia, said: “It’s important for Britain to be represented in the international arena for the profile and reputation of our bakery industry and to develop relationships that foster knowledge and understanding. Who knows, they may end up playing a part in commercial developments.”

Team UK was supported through sponsorship by the Richemont Club, was provided with ingredients by Marriage’s, Muntons and the Artisan School of Food, and was furnished with facilities in which to practise by ingredients manufacturer Zeelandia and Marriage’s.

The teams were required to enter:

Mandatory Breads:
• Traditional ciabatta
• Naturally leavened bread

Free Breads:
• Special Bread Free Creation
• Organic and Nutritional Bread
• Herb Bread of country of origin

Viennoiserie and Oven Cakes:
• Viennoiserie in sugared leavened pastry
• Viennoiserie in puff leavened pastry
• Puff pastry oven cake
• Shortcrust pastry oven cake

Savoury Presentation:
• Traditional Pizza (margherita)
• Fantasy Pizza
• Savoury Cake in Puff Leavened Pastry
• Savoury Cake in Sable Pastry
• Savoury filled Viennoiserie
• Small breads of elongated shape
• Small milk breads (mignon)
• Rectangular Bread Loaf
• Filled Club Sandwiches