Everybody loves a pun. Puns have been keeping journos at The Sun in gainful employmnent for years, especially when there’s a bread-related story to write and they have to ’RISE TO THE OCCASION’ and ’USE THEIR LOAF’. And so it is that we applaud the organisers of the Real Bread Campaign for continuing this fine tradition with a Twitter competition to find the best bread-themed song title. Here’s the shortlist (you’re not allowed to groan).

l Another One Bites The Crust Queen
l Bread Bread Wine UB40  
l Ciabatta Out Of Hell Malt Loaf
l Achy Bakey Heart Billy Ray Cyrus
l Knead You Tonight INXS
l It’s a Naan’s World James Brown
l Hit Me Bagel One More Time Britney Spears
l Muffin Compares 2U Sinead O’Connor
l I Put a Spelt On You Nina Simone/Screamin’ Jay Hawkins  
l Rye Do Fools Fall In Loaf? Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers
l Crumb Together The Beatles
l Crust the Way You Are Barry White
l Oliver’s Sarnie Hovis Costello
l Never Baguette Bake That
Mark McKellier can bathe himself in glory after coming up with the winning Ciabatta Out of Hell.