British Bakels has launched what it claims is a breakthrough in emulsifier-free clean-label bread improvers, that delivers a cost reduction alongside crumb benefits. The new Quantum improvers are said to produce doughs that are easy to handle and process, offering a softer crumb and improved yield by allowing the dough to absorb 2-4% more water.

"Its lower cost in use about 3.5% across all products is due to higher water absorption," said Pauline Ferrol, marketing manager at British Bakels. "So it’s better value, but it doesn’t compromise the quality and works across all bread recipes."

The improver has been launched in two variants Quantum Improver (usage 0.51%) and Quantum Rustique (usage 2-4%). The latter includes a natural dried ferment for creating no-time doughs with the flavour profile of longer fermentation breads.

Quantum helps the dough process without sticking, provides dough stability as it is worked off, offers an improved volume, crumb and texture, consistency of product and may enable gluten reduction in some recipes, said Bakels.