Braces Bakery has rebranded its sliced bread, with packaging that will improve the firm’s carbon footprint. 

The new packaging is a complete redesign of the bakery’s 20 different bread products, and features a reduction in colour usage to make it more eco-friendly.

The design means the brand name Braces has been removed from being inside a crown shape. Jonathan Brace, director of the bakery, said this was to make the brand seem instantly recognisable.

He said: “We were looking for a bold design that was impactful and different to competitors.

“We took all the existing design elements and reformulated them to make the new packaging.

“The printed image perfectly reflects the fine design detail we hoped to achieve and, by working with Amcor’s Vivid colour palette, we have also been able to improve our carbon footprint due to the reduction in colours”.

The bakery has also rewrapped its bread vans, which are designed to look like a pack of Braces’ sliced bread, to match the new look.

Brace continued: “We are the number one brand in Wales and the West Country and we are happy with our market position. We will continue to grow the business and are constantly looking at new product innovations.”

The redesign was done by Amcor Flexibles Bakery using the Amcor ASSET tool, which reduces colour spots to make packing more eco-friendly.

The design also includes an on-pack QR code, to be used to help process the loaves in the factory, and in the future the brand hopes customers will be able to scan the code on their phones to gain more information about the product.