If St Anselm’s thought a boozy bakery was bad, heaven knows how they might have reacted had Grand View Topless Coffee Shop - which has opened in the US town of Maine - opened next door. The name captures the essence of what this café has to offer without the need of further elaboration from Stop the Week.

But elaborate we must! This over-18s-only emporium to beans and bosoms breezed past local objections and was given planning permission to open last week. Topless waitress Susie Wiley, 23, believed the work was not degrading to women. "No, I love it. I find it very empowering," she said. And if that’s not testament enough to convince you that this venture is anything other than a sexist, retrograde step, there is also a bare-chested waiter on the books. And the topless nature of the work might be the answer to your recruitment problems - the café attracted 150 applicants for just 10 jobs.