We have recently been developing a range of ’open sandwiches’ for a chain of excellent gastro-pubs we supply, writes The SoHo Sandwich Company’s Adam Gilbert.

Technically these are not really sandwiches. Layered and stacked on a crisp bread pedestal, they’re more closely related to the canapé. But whereas canapés call for the precise placement and rigid composition of fussy ingredients, these free-form assemblages are put together with ease. Never dainty or shy, they are proud sandwiches with a friendly, in-your-face attitude.

For one of these delights, we take good-quality sourdough bread, which we rub with a garlic clove, brush with olive oil and warm on the chargrill. We place slow-roasted asparagus spears on the bottom, then we gently poach an egg and place it on the asparagus, cover the egg with fontina cheese and flash it under the grill in order to melt the cheese.

Finally, we place thinly sliced pieces of prosciutto on either side of the egg and sprinkle some fresh thyme to garnish. Perfect for eat-in cafés.

== Ingredients ==

Sourdough bread

Asparagus spears 4

Olive oil 20g

Fresh thyme 5g

Free-range egg 1

Fontina cheese 30g

Prosciutto 50g