Slow Bread, a new concept based on the criteria of Slow Food, will be taken to the food event Terre Madre (Mother Earth) in Italy in October. The project is the first to arise out of a UK food producer community of bakers, millers, cereal growers and cookery teachers who will represent the UK Slow Bread community.

The criteria for Slow Bread are that it tastes good and is cleanly and fairly produced.

According to baker Peter Cook of Price & Sons in Shropshire, the concept is only around six months old. The group is also working closely with “alliance for better food and farming” Sustain, which has launched a Real Bread Campaign.

“The idea is to try to educate people on what real bread is about,” he said. “One the things they’re pushing for is to try to get clearer labelling on bread, so that when you buy a loaf you know what you’re getting. It’s also about getting more publicity for ‘proper bread’ and the small artisan bakers that are making it,” he added.

Currently the group consists of a group of around 20 interested people, both bakers and millers, and Slow Bread wants to recruit more members. To find out more, contact Suzanne Wynn at

Terre Madre will be held from 23 to 27 October in Turin, bringing together food communities, cooks, academics and youth delegates for to discuss small-scale, traditional, and sustainable food production.