The Real Bread Campaign is preparing to launch Sourdough September, in a bid to encourage more people to buy bread from independent bakeries. 

The month will consist of sourdough classes and tastings, as well as a competition with Hobbs House Bakery to find whom they will crown ‘King of Sourdough’.

The Loaf, an artisan bakery, deli and café in Crich, Derbyshire will create nine new sourdoughs during the month and Joe’s Bakery in Bristol will run tastings, classes and Q&A sessions around the loaves.

Real Bread Campaign coordinator Chris Young said: “Recently, people everywhere have started finding out what many Real Bread bakers have always known: life’s sweeter with sourdough! For anyone who hasn’t taken the opportunity to try the genuine article yet, there’s no better time than now.”

The campaigners aim to demystify sourdough, and will be concentrating on warning people about what they call ‘pseudough’, marketed as the real thing.

The campaign is calling for an Honest Crust Act to protect shoppers from being ‘misled’.