Spanish manufacturer of commercial refrigeration Infricol has introduced a new dual-purpose blast chiller.

The firm, which recently launched its first UK operation, said temperatures as low as -18ºC can be achieved in only four hours, or food can be reduced to 4C in less than two hours. If refrigerating, the equipment can take food heated to 70C down to 3C in less than 90 minutes, while preserving the food’s quality, aroma, colour, humidity and consistency, according to the firm.

The blast chiller has HACCP built in, which allows operators to print reports to check the chiller has not fluctuated from the correct temperature, which can seriously compromise food safety. The hinges on the chiller doors feature an automatic return device, ensuring doors are never left open and temperatures quickly return to the correct range after they are shut.

It also features a new ventilated condensation system which causes air to constantly circulate, avoiding a build-up of heat in the housing unit and maximising cooling.