We are delighted to build on our strong relationships with the national associations and industry by getting behind National Craft Bakers’ Week, helping to design point-of-sale materials, posters and window stickers to promote the event in your shops. Visit the special website via www.bakeryinfo.co.uk to find out more about the week’s events and to download logos and materials.






What’s the first local shop to open, and often the last to close? It’s your local baker. Britain’s craft baker is the heartbeat of every community, creating breads, rolls and sandwiches for the working day, and cakes and biscuits for fun. At BFP Wholesale, we’re very pleased to be supporting ’The Shop That Never Sleeps!’ campaign. As one of Britain’s leading national bakery ingredients wholesalers, our warehouses will be buzzing with activity, as our drivers check their orders, load their lorries with yeast, flour, nuts, seeds and fruit - in fact all of the right ingredients to get on the road and top up the craft baker.





BakeMark is already a strong ambassador for craft bakers and is committed to supporting independent craft bakers so that they can demonstrate to consumers their value and worth within the community. We recognise the importance the craft baker places on the quality of products they offer their customers.

National Craft Bakers’ Week will be vital in educating craft bakers of their unique selling points and how to position themselves, drive footfall, increase sales and develop new customers through events, promotions, tastings and local media activity.



?British Bakels is delighted to be part of this initiative to assist the craft bakery businesses within the UK.

The profile of the craft baker needs to be enhanced and the plan to target school children through the internet will get the message to grass roots. It will get across the importance of locally-produced quality products, a wider product choice and freshness. We hope that any interest from children can radiate through to their parents, who will show more interest in shopping at their local craft baker. It is important that the Master Bakers themselves get on board, to play their part in making the whole exercise successful.






Bako is delighted to be supporting National Craft Bakers’ Week. As the UK’s largest bakery wholesaler, we believe it is incredibly important for us to help the craft baker to succeed - especially in the current economic climate.

The specialist skills of craft bakers should be celebrated and the launch of National Craft Bakers’ Week will help us to do that. We also believe that the independent baker has a social role in the local community, which cannot be replaced - so anything that helps them to raise their profile within their community can only be a good thing.







Macphie is proud to support this exciting, new initiative. As a leading food ingredients manufacturer, we make it our business to support independent craft bakers to compete effectively and encourage young people into the baking industry.

Craft bakers are highly skilled and have a lot to be proud of. Buying local makes sense and consumers are very receptive to local food.

In the current climate of economic uncertainty, there is a real and distinctive role for the local baker and the great products and service they provide. Highlighting the freshness, provenance, superior quality and low food miles of their products will help tap into the associated feelgood factor.





Marriage’s is pleased to be supporting National Craft Bakers’ Week, as we want more consumers to realise there are great local bakers who sell a wide range of freshly baked bread and cakes. This is why the 185-year-old family firm already sponsors Norfolk Baker of the Year and Essex Baker of the Year.

Marriage’s wants National Craft Bakers’ Week to help the public understand the way real bread is baked and why craft bakers work through the night to get their products out fresh every morning. Once customers taste the difference, they will be encouraged to come back for more.

While Marriage’s is known for its stoneground wholemeal and organic flours, it sees National Craft Bakers’ Week as an opportunity to promote the traditional bakery lines. Marriage’s wishes to support its customers and celebrate good bread.





In recent years the independent craft bakery sector has come under pressure from various sectors within the industry. This has led to many companies struggling and has created a poor perception of the industry to customers and potential employees.

Therefore, various members within the baking industry have agreed that an action group should be set up to address some of these issues. The action group consists of all the supporters you see on this page, who have been meeting for the past six months to discuss the various ways of assisting craft bakers within the UK. The cost of this exciting venture has been met by all these suppliers.

"I urge all members to take part in this very exciting first launch of a national craft bakery week from 8 - 13 June," says NAMB CEO Gill Brooks-Lonican. "Free marketing kits will be given to all, as well as the support you need to promote your shop. Extensive advertising starts now!"





Crafts like bakery, patisserie and chocolate are the result of decades of rich tradition. But being an artisan in these sectors has become a very specific and personal choice. Artisans now clearly differentiate themselves by the way they work and present their products.

At Puratos we are committed to these craftsmen and to the development of their identity. Our products and solutions offer them the possibility to conduct their profession as they want to do it, and this is why we wholeheartedly support and are proud to be a sponsor of National Craft Bakers’ Week.






Since the 1950s, The Reynard Group - one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers - has been actively involved with supporting and promoting the craft baker.

Independent local bakers are the very heartbeat of our business. The Reynard Group has actively supported local and national associations, the Bakers’ Benevolent Society, the Baking Industry Awards as well as the training of future craft bakers.

So it was a natural progression for us to take an active part in the drive to promote the cause of the independent craft baker and an honour to be invited to join the steering committee. A healthy, thriving industry is good for all of us.