Established: The business was formed in 2000 and, after moving from a smaller location, Terry Tang’s is now on Picton Road in Wavertree

Key personnel: The family business comprises four people including Terry, his wife Carol and their daughter

Output: The bakery can make up to 15 novelty cakes a day and up to 12 wedding cakes a week

Influences: Terry admires John Slattery’s chocolate creations: "When it comes down to chocolate, he’s the man."

Terry’s tips: If you only use royal icing, try a paste, it’s much more versatile and modern. "But at the end of the day, it all comes down to practice," he adds

Current projects: Terry is making a model of a horse with wings, which is nearly one-metre high. He plans on painting it in various colours, as it looks more like a statue than icing sugar. He wants to do the same with an eagle and tiger

Famous customers: Liverpool football club Gerard Houllier, Cisse and Wayne Rooney