Over the past year we have grown to love the undisputed godfather of bowel regulation via his bygone missives, resurrected in BB. But how much do we really know about him? Here’s a remarkable insight into his daily routine - an example we should perhaps all strive to follow. This is especially true when it come to spicing up your life - what better way to treat yourself than with a bowl of boiled onions?

The doctor’s day: "I rise between 7am and 8am as a rule, and wash. While still wet, I dry my face, ears and neck, and then give my body a vigorous rubbing with the towel, and get it into a glow. My head gets washed only every three weeks, as I find too much soap causes scurf in the head, bleaches the hair, and makes it brittle. Occasionally, I go in for a little mild exercise before dressing, such as throwing my arms about, or stooping in various ways to exercise the muscles. When dressed, I go out for half an hour’s walk before breakfast, no matter how cold, wet or foggy. My dinner, at 3pm, varies a little. When I am using my brain more than usual, I dine on bread and fruit.

"Two or three days a week, I have a plain cooked dinner, composed of a vegetable soup, milk pudding or stewed fruit. Tea, at 9pm, is a repetition of breakfast; for a change, I may have beetroot, celery, or boiled or fried onions."