Machinery: Abacus digital water batching system

Why installed: Using buckets is time-consuming, as each one has to be filled and then carried to the mixing vessel, with the total tallied an activity that takes up much of the operator’s working day.

How it came about: Owner Nigel Bramman contacted John Morton of Aquameter, which produces water meters for many of the big bakeries. Morton called on the bakery to discuss if, and how, the water meter might help.

What it does: The meter is a digital, micro-computer-controlled unit, which delivers pre-selected quantities of water from a single pipe straight into the mixing vessel. This precise water metering means operators can exactly recreate batch consistency every time. It allows automatic batch quantity control of water from a single water source in the temperature range 090C; hot and cold water supplies can be blended using the Abacus thermostatic control valve to give a preset temperature.

Tech spec: A water metering device and solenoid valve are located in-line on an enclosure on the water pipe. A solid-state electronic micro-controller with push-button keys and a digital display control the interface between the hardware and the operator. When the required preset batch quantity is set on the digital display, the water solenoid valve opens and water is discharged through the metering device. When the correct amount ofwater has been dispensed, the solenoid valve closes.

Problems solved: Bramman finds it has brought savings in both time and cost.

Supplied by: Aquameter