There will be more ‘gravity defying’ cakes eg: animals standing on one leg, it’s a trend from across the pond. Decorators should be careful that whatever they use as an aperture to support the cake is food- grade material.

  • More ‘cake lace’ or other lace products using a mix and the silicone mould sheets.
  • Cakes to match wedding dresses that are very full in construction - with flounces, material effects and so on.
  • Unwired flowers made to look like fabric flowers.
  • Gold and silver leaf covered tiers- again seen a lot recently.
  • Deep cakes with ‘straight’ edges (ganache is used a lot in these).
  • Classic, simply iced cakes with maybe a ‘signature’ rose, peony or other large flower.
  • The flavour of the cakes is more important than ever. Chocolate, lemon and vanilla are still very popular but flavours like Baileys buttercream, toffee, white choc and raspberry, carrot, and banoffee are becoming very trendy, along with ‘naked’ wedding cakes (sponges filled but under-decorated except for fruit or fresh flowers).
  • Fruit cakes are being asked for less and less.
  • For children’s’ cakes Frozen is most popular with girls- but watch copyright, although you can buy plastic figures and design your cake around it.
  • Probably Paddington and Skylanders will be popular in 2015, but again watch copyright.

About Sue
Sue Haskell has been a bakery lecturer at Brooklands College, Weybridge for twenty years. She is well known in the baking industry, participating at exhibitions such as Cake International and Food and Drink Expo. She has helped with the competitions at the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees annual conference since 2000.

Brooklands College in Weybridge, Surrey, offers part time catering and sugarcraft IVQ courses, such as a Level Two in Professional Bakery and an ABC Sugarcraft Award Level One as well as one day courses including Design and Create an Easter Egg, Valentine’s Cupcakes and Sugar Flowers for beginners.

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