Unifine Food & Bake Ingredients has combined Pruvé’s new turnover with its selection of more than 20 Delifruit prepared fruit fillings and with whipped cream to round out its turnover range. Unifine F&BI is the sole UK distributor for Pruvé, part of Dutch-owned Smilde Bakery.

The turnover joins Pruvé’s existing range of ready-to-use pastry cases, and has a light flaky texture and crisp sugar topping, said the firm. It has been developed for speed and convenience and it is ready to cut and fill straight from the box. The turnover shell can be filled with jam, fruit, custard or mincemeat, and a liberal dusting of icing sugar is suggested as a finishing touch.

The firm said Pruvé’s new turnover is the latest in a growing range of dessert bases from Unifine, which includes tart bases, cream horn and éclair shells, meringue and profiteroles. It has a nine-month shelf-life (unopened) and is available in boxes of 80 units.