Williams Refrigeration’s (King’s Lynn, Norfolk) new modular dough retarder-provers (DRPs) are said to feature two major advances for the baker. The new Doughmaster Control panel makes the DRPs easier to use and more flexible, and the new single-piece floor makes the DRPs structurally stronger than traditional units and improves hygiene control.

The Doughmaster Control, fitted in the DRP door, is a 256-colour display screen, which can be customised with the bakery’s logo. Its software package features a range of pre-programmed menus, while it also has an advanced diagnostic facility, which pinpoints maintenance and servicing issues.

The DRP’s floor is made in one piece, is fully sealed and has a ‘dish’ format. The most important benefits are hygiene and moisture control: there are no dirt traps, the floor is easier to clean and moisture control is improved.