How refreshing to find an easy-to-navigate website ( that has been developed by two experienced baking industry giants!

I had been following the progress of the project during the last couple of years, and have to admit to the usual scepticism we all can relate to. However, when testing out the site, and then letting two of our trainees loose on it, I realised at once that this could really work.

We have subsequently signed up for two more licences and are investigating a third. Since the demise of our local bakery school a learning and development gap has been prevalent and, while trying alternative methods came to no fruition, this time we feel we are on to a winner.

Many thanks to site founders Jean Grieves and Albert Waterfield for their work so far; and with the addition of more modules to this course, who can afford not to use this great resource?

Kim Pullin

Director of Operations, Pullins Bakers