Andy Clegg, senior buying manager - Bread & Commodities for Morrisons, told British Baker the five things Morrisons is looking for in a bakery supplier

“Quality – We’re really proud of our own-brand quality, be that in cake shop & patisserie, wrapped bread or in-store bakery, and it’s important that we have suppliers who share our passion. We always strive to source the best quality for our customers and are continually looking at ways to improve, to make that even better.

“Consistency – It’s really important that we maintain our great quality day-in day-out, 365 days a year, constantly delighting our customers and delivering trust, and also giving our bakeries the confidence that the ingredients they are using will perform as expected.

“Value – We understand manufacturing and the commodities that make up ingredients. We always give our customers a great price for the product that we are selling. It’s important for suppliers to understand that value is not about getting the cheapest product for the cheapest price. We will always put quality at the heart of our own-brand offering.

“Newness and innovation – Don’t hide your light under a bushel! If you’ve got a great product or a great idea, let us know about it. Customers are always looking for something different and exciting. True innovation will always lead to increased sales, as long as it delivers quality and value.

“Great service – It goes without saying that in order to give great service to our customers we need great service from our suppliers. When we get great service, we can focus on growing and developing the business.”