A number of bakery businesses have joined forces to create products for a one-day pop-up cake shop, hosted by Barts Pathology Museum in London this Easter.

Taking place on Saturday 30 March, the temporary cake shop will also include a show entitled ‘Sacred Tarts’ featuring creations from Nicola Shipley of Scunthorpe-based Tattoo Cakes, such as cake Popes and cake truffle eyeballs on a plate, a representation of St Lucy.

Other bakery firms contributing to the event include cupcake creator Francesca Mattea and cake sculptor Laura Edwards of Mama Jamma Cakes in Coventry.

Carla Connolly, an assistant technical curator at the museum and creator of the Sacred Tarts event, said: “Easter eggs are always well received, but are pretty boring when you know you’re going to get them every year. The Sacred Tarts team will be busy over the next six weeks coming up with some pretty exciting alternatives - from crystal sugar crowns of thorns to butterscotch crucifixes and edible saints.”

The Sacred Tarts show has been organised to highlight the darker side of religion, with further products such as stigmata cookies and St Barts crackling to be showcased as part of the event.

The Sacred Tarts show and pop-up cake shop is free to enter and will run from 11am to 6pm at Barts Pathology Museum in the Robin Brook Centre in West Smithfield, London.