Coffee in a white cup with a ham & cheese toastie on white bread

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Average prices in coffee & sandwich shops have risen by 4.8% from February to April 2022, according to the latest data from Lumina Intelligence.

This represents the largest percentage increase across the market versus chain restaurants, which saw prices rise 2.2%, pubs & bars (+3.1%) and quick service restaurants (QSR) which saw a slight drop in average prices (-0.3%).

The data comes from Lumina Intelligence’s Menu Tracker which analyses menus across the UK eating and drinking out market. The Menu Tracker showed that mains and sides are seeing the largest amount of inflation with average prices up 7.1% and 7.7%, respectively.

Drinks are not immune to price increases, having risen by 1.9% during the same period. Again, coffee & sandwich shops have implemented the largest price rises, according to the data.

The Menu Tracker also found that menus have grown between February and April 2022 with restaurants, pubs & bars, QSR and sandwich & coffee shops averaging 132 food and drink items – up 1.8%.

“Price increases are being driven by food menus overall,” said senior insight manager at Lumina Intelligence Katherine Prowse. “Operators are passing price rises on as a result of the inflation surrounding food costs from the war in Ukraine, spike in cost of fuel and supply shortages.

“With inflation expected to continue to rise, operators face a significant challenge around managing costs and attracting footfall, as consumers monitor their expenses as the cost of living continues to increase. Using our data, we will be keeping a very close eye on this trend.”

Prices are rising across the food and drink industry. Earlier this month, Mr Kipling owner Premier Foods said it anticipated further cost inflation which could lead to “increased pricing”.