Tesco has been rated the worst supermarket as part of a new survey compiled by Which?.

The consumer advice group revealed responses ofmore than 11,400 of its members as part of its supermarkets survey, which saw Tesco the lowest-rated of nine supermarkets, with an overall score of 45%.

This compares to John Lewis-owned Waitrose, which came in at the top of the list with a score of 82%, followed by discount retailers Aldi and Lidl, who scored 74% and 69% respectively.

Among the big four supermarkets, Morrisons came out on top with a score of 59%, followed by Sainsbury’s (58%) and Asda (53%).

Which? members were also asked about their biggest irritation when shopping in supermarkets, with more than a third (37%) saying not being able to compare prices because of different unit measurements as their biggest bug bear.

In addition, more than half (55%) said they preferred straight discounts rather than other offers, such as petrol vouchers (16%) or buy-one-get-one-free deals (11%).

Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which?, said:“Research showed that rising food prices are one of consumers’ top financial worries, so in these tough economic times it’s understandable that supermarkets scoring well for value for money are being ranked so highly in our league table.

“But our survey also found that consumers think supermarkets are not doing enough to help shoppers on tight budgets, with only one in five members saying they trust retailers to charge a fair price for food.”

He added that he wanted supermarkets to make a firm commitment to treat their customers fairly by scrapping misleading price promotions and introducing clear, consistent unit pricing so that they can be clearly identified by shoppers.

The online survey, conducted last October, asked respondents to rate the supermarket firms on both in-store and online offerings, focusing on areas such as customer service, pricing, fresh produce quality and delivery.