Students in white jackets looking at bread dough

Source: Zeelandia UK

Students at the bread workshop

Zeelandia UK has partnered with Market Field College in Essex to help give students a taste of a career in the baking industry.

The partnership will allow a group of catering students to attend a four-part workshop that will educate them on the science and day-to-day operation behind a commercial bakery. The workshops, which take place at Zeelandia’s Colchester-based Innovation Centre, span the coming months and feature a closer look at several bakery favourites including bread, cakes, pastry, and more.

The first of these workshops took place on 2 March where the students were introduced to the world of bread. The day consisted of a presentation on the history of breadmaking and the breadmaking process, as well as several practical activities to provide the students with an opportunity to put this theory into practice.

Market Field College provides education for students with moderate learning difficulties, including those with autistic spectrum needs, aged 16-19.

“We’re proud to be able to support to the local community and to have the opportunity to help educate the next generation on a possible career in baking,” said Andrew Taylor, product development manager at Zeelandia.

“The work that Market Field School and College does to provide specialised education to children with learning difficulties is vital and being able to partner with the school and support the students is a great honour.”

A student putting bread into the oven, being observed by a teacher

Source: Zeelandia UK

The ingredients supplier also offers an internship programme and works closely with The National Bakery School at  London South Bank University and University College Birmingham, and supports the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees.

“Providing platforms for further education is of huge importance to us here at Zeelandia UK and this partnership is another way we are supporting the future workforce,” Taylor added.

Duncan Thomas, head of college at Market Field School, said the partnership provided a “fantastic opportunity” for the college’s students, adding that links with local businesses affords them “invaluable learning enrichment and knowledge of industry practice”.

“These workshops will serve to enhance our student’s course-linked development and purpose, furthermore, instilling transferable skills and feeding their career aspirations. It will provide them with a platform from which to demonstrate their potential to employers and crucially themselves,” he added.