Convotherm's Maxx Pro Bake being used in store

Source: Convotherm

Convotherm’s Maxx Pro Bake being used in store

A streamlined spraying solution and hot display cabinet are among the latest bits of kit to be made available to bakeries and foodservice operators.

Here’s the lowdown on the latest launches:


Sprayer, Unifiller

Portioning equipment speciality Unifiller Systems has unveiled the Uni-Sprayer.

Unifiller sprayer for bakery

Source: Unifiller

Designed to function mostly as a compact standalone machine, the Uni-Sprayer is intended for bakeries looking for a streamlined spraying solution. It can handle a variety of applications, with the most basic being spraying oil onto pans for easy release. The machine can also be used for spraying simple syrup or milk onto cake layers, egg wash onto bread and pastries, and flocking condiments like ketchup, mustard, or mayo onto bread, wraps and more.

Other features include:

  • Food grade light and flexible braided hose
  • Interchangeable tips for different products and patterns
  • Handles particulates up to 1mm with optional flocker nozzle
  • 5 US Gallon (19 L) pressurised tank
  • Mobile frame with enclosed pneumatics
  • Air filtration system
  • Use with or without atomising air.

Hot holding cabinet, Fri-Jado

The new multideck display (MDD) range of hot holding cabinets has been designed from the ground up, according to Fri-Jado, which used genuine operator feedback to develop them.

Fri-Jado MDD Hot Holding Display unit

Source: Fri-Jado

The cabinets have ‘ultra-thin’ shelves with patented air flow technology. Operators can choose from four or five shelves in widths of 60cm, 90cm or 120cm, single or multi-temperature control and solid back or pass-through, to help the unit integrate with existing front-of-house setup.

They also boast a 20% energy saving compared to other units on the market, Fri-Jado claims, owing to a combination of hot airflow recirculation, efficient DC fans, improved insulation, and double-glazed glass.

“The new MDD range represents a breakthrough in hot holding display equipment,” said Mike Littlewood, managing director, Fri-Jado UK. “Building on real feedback from operators around the world, the units combine the greatest visibility, maximum display space and patented heating technology to ensure food is in the spotlight and is preserved at its best for longer.”


Combi oven, Convotherm

Convotherm Maxx Pro Bake

Source: Convotherm

Welbilt has unveiled a new range of combi ovens under its Convotherm brand called Convotherm Maxx Pro. Designed for professional kitchens and bakeries, they come with a variety of functions including the ability to smoke dishes, grill and warming.

Most relevant to bakers is the Convotherm Maxx Pro Bake, which Welbilt said ‘combines traditional baking knowledge with the modern functions of the combi steamer’. Settings include Rise & Ready fermentation and the multi-level baking function BakePro designed for creating small baked goods with ‘optimal crumb and shine’.

The ovens features a 10in TFT HiRes glass touch display with scroll function, automatic cooking and triple glazing of the oven door for improved energy consumption. They also incorporate four functional management features which have been developed by Convotherm, including, climate, quality, production, and cleaning management.

“For the development of the Convotherm Maxx Pro, we asked professionals all over the world what they would like from a high-end combi oven. We have incorporated the knowledge gained from this into the planning of the new generation of combi ovens and have been able to develop a high-definition device that is unique and redefines the meaning of premium,” said Steve Hemsil, sales director – UK & Ireland, Welbilt.

“Complex challenges become simple and easy to master, as do cost-effectiveness, efficiency and, of course, hygiene. This functionality and resource-saving way of working make the Convotherm Maxx Pro a modern combi oven that will help make top-class cuisine fit for tomorrow,” he added.