Konig Mini Rex

Source: EPP

Konig Mini Rex

Equipment supplier EPP and Urban Legend are working on trials to further automate production of the brand’s better-for-you doughnuts.

Launched in 2020, Urban Legend uses a unique manufacturing process that the brand says is achieved with the help of steam and next-generation bakery kit. This process makes doughnuts that are compliant with HFSS (high in fat, salt and sugar) regulations and are less than 180 calories, according to the firm.

Urban Legend now has two stores and supplies 30 Tesco sites in London, 16 Sainsbury’s Superstores and the Selfridges Food Hall on Oxford Street. The rapid growth has prompted the business to look at further industrialising its production to make up to five times as many doughnuts a day.

EPP has previously supplied the business with a Koenig Mini Rex for its test kitchen and lab in Park Royal London. The site is where its doughnuts are produced for the London market, and where the brand works on new product innovations.

The Mini Rex is able to process up to 4,000 dough pieces per hour and can handle a range of dough piece weights as required. EPP said its precise portioning reduces giveaway and waste. 

“It’s fantastic that innovative companies like Urban Legend are creating great-tasting treats that are healthier options than traditional doughnuts,” said EPP managing director Steve Merritt. 

“We were delighted they chose to use a Koenig Mini Rex, which is a tried and tested piece of machinery, and are pleased to be working on trials to further industrialise and automate the process.”

Urban Legend last year secured a further £7m in venture capital in addition to a £3m seed funding raised earlier in 2022. The funds have been invested in the West London factory to service the deal with Tesco and scale further.