A Form & Frys machine shaped diamond pocket pastries on a production line  2100x1400

Source: Form & Frys

Equipment supplier Rademaker has announced a strategic partnership with Form & Frys, a Danish specialist in folding, forming, and filling machinery.

The deal marks the Dutch-based company’s latest step in its evolution as a bakery equipment provider for mid-range to large scale manufacturers across European and North American markets.

Rademaker is now the exclusive supplier of Form & Frys equipment in the UK, as well as Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, the US, and Canada – territories it said had been specifically identified with significant potential and strong alignment of its values and vision.

Product lines that can be created using Form & Frys’ range of customised machines include Danish pastries, pies, pasties, and stuffed-crust pizzas.

Rademaker Group’s business development manager Patrick Dauwe told British Baker that the partnership would allow them to penetrate and serve the market quicker and better through the technical expertise from two well-established companies.

Collaborations on numerous past projects had seen the two firms come together to see their combined insights and approaches translate into bakery equipment solutions.

“We are both working a lot in the sandwich and snacking trends, which are obviously growing and have an interest for both companies,” said Dauwe, who was speaking from Munich ahead of next week’s IBA 2023 event, where Rademaker will unveil its new Radini and industrial bread lines.

“The snacks which we are talking about can be bite-sized or can be individual portions, and savoury or sweet,” he added.

Form & Frys pastry folding machinery

Source: Form & Frys

Rademaker UK is the subsidiary company taking care of clients in the UK and Ireland, with product trials done in Form & Frys test facility in Denmark to ensure desired end results are obtained and risks eliminated. “You always need to process dough and you always need to process fillings and make sure that the marriage of filling and dough is perfect,” noted Dauwe.

While he admitted that operational difficulties had arisen due to Brexit, occasionally requiring them to simulate source ingredients instead of importing them, Dauwe said UK customers had often travelled back and forth to the Netherlands for projects. “[Rademaker and Form & Frys] teams will now work together to see what is the best option,” he assured.

Bakery solutions currently available from Rademaker include equipment for the production of croissants, bread, Danish and puff pastry, pies, quiches, pizza, doughnuts, pita bread, and various flatbreads.