The Unox BakerTop-X oven with croissants baking inside

Source: Unox

Commercial oven specialist Unox has unveiled the X-Generation range which it describes as ‘the most powerful combi oven ever made’.

The range features two models, the BakerTop-X and ChefTop-X, designed for bakeries and foodservice businesses, respectively. The electric BakerTop-X comes in two sizes – one which holds five 600x400mm trays and one which holds 10 trays – while the ChefTop-X can be powered by gas or electricity and is also available in two sizes of six GN1/1 trays and 10 GN1/1 trays.

Unox said BakerTop-X is designed to meet the needs of bakeries and pastry shops and adapts to kitchen preferences, asking for operators’ feedback after each process to improve performance.

The ovens are also equipped with state-of-the-art technology including ‘Hey Unox’, which enables bakers to operate the oven with their voice. The Optic Cooking accessory can also be added to the X-Generation range, and this allows operators to place a tray into the chamber while letting the oven visually identify and start the correct programme.

The range is the result of a project that lasted more than three years and combined the expertise of over 50 dedicated engineers, physicists, chemists, and chefs, Unox said. It took inspiration from smartphones, so the ovens also feature Digital.ID for a ‘fast, intuitive and fully customisable interface, complete with hyper-connectivity enhanced with artificial intelligence’, the firm added. Digital ID can be operated from the oven or via an app for remote access at any time.

The Unox BakerTop-X oven with a female baker decorating croissants nearby in a professional kitchen

Source: Unox

“Continuing to explore the possibilities in terms of manufacturing and technological evolution, we’re proud to launch X-Generation – the most powerful range of combi ovens ever,” said Scott Duncan, managing director of Unox UK.

“BakerTop-X really is the next generation in professional cooking,” Duncan added. “An oven that understands the way a chef speaks, in whatever language and can learn how and when they are used to drive efficiency and consistency in the kitchen. Equipped with state-of-the-art Digital.ID technology, the ovens come with ‘Hey Unox’, enabling chefs to operate the oven with their voice.”

X-Generation is also said to helps users operate in an energy efficient manner. It features a system that is capable of reducing and optimising consumption and CO2 emissions, even when the oven is running empty. The technology in the oven can also provide personalised suggestions to users on how to be greener while cooking, for example by warning if the door has been open for too long.