McVitie’s is hoping to reduce energy costs by 41% at its Glasgow site.

Owned by United Biscuits, the McVitie’s manufacturing facility at Tollcross, Glasgow was selected to participate in a collaborative project with JRP Solutions using new methodology called Energy Catalyst.

The objective was to identify how energy was being used across the business, and how costs could be significantly reduced.

In total, 80 improvement opportunities were identified, including specific capital projects, maintenance improvements and behavioural changes, which, if fully implemented, could reduce the site’s energy consumption by more than £840k within three years, reducing the site’s CO2 emissions by 117,000 te.

According to JRP Solutions, the typical payback for these improvement opportunities is 1.4 years.

Stephen Marshall, engineering manager for McVitie’s, said: “Energy Catalyst was recently deployed at Tollcross and identified numerous practical wide ranging improvement opportunities that, predicated savings based on analytical findings, could reduce our energy costs by a staggering 41%.” 

Popular United Biscuits brand names include Penguin, go ahead!, McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, Jacob’s Cream Crackers, Twiglets, Mini Cheddars and Carr’s in the UK.