RedBlack Software, the York-based bakery software company, has announced a new partnership with a German firm.

The company has developed a new interface to combine its own CyBake system with Distpotool’s Toolbox Software. CyBake receives orders and them immediately passes them on to Distpotool, which decides where products will come from, where they need to be delivered and who to prioritise in case of limited stock. Data is fed back to CyBake, which automatically generates an invoice.

The two companies created the interface for Scottish bakers Bayne’s, which operates 50 shops from its Lochore headquarters. RedBlack said that by linking the two systems in this way, data re-entry and human error are eliminated, costs are reduced and warehouse space can be used more efficiently.

Niklaas Wolters, Toolbox’s international sales manager, said: “After developing the interface at our first joint customer, Bayne’s, and the excellent collaboration between CyBake and toolbox, this was a logical step for us.”