The Tromp Group has seen a jump in turnover of around 10% in the year since it joined the Markel Food Group in August last year.

Richard van Heukelum, vice president sales & marketing, at the Tromp Group, told British Baker that he expects “a great deal” more within the next two or three years as a result of the deal.

The Tromp Group comprises Tromp Bakery Equipment, VanderPol Waffle Systems and Den Boer Baking Systems, which were established under the group name in 2008, having already been connected via shares.

Van Heukelum said: “The move put a focus on the five product groups and we saw it as an opportunity to add value to the market and sell turnkey products. We are now finding new business in turnkey operations.

“The first year has already been successful and we have invested in project management. We see great opportunities in the cake lines.

“There is a lot of business coming up in the UK at the right time and we have seen growth in all five products groups across the world.”

The Tromp Group breaks its business down into five product market combinations: cake & pie; bread; pizza; pastry; and waffles. Van Heukelem said: “The need for a high-capacity line is getting more real - we have done this for three of the five groups and expect a waffle order in the next two months.”

Sandwich thins are a new area of business for the group and van Heukelem anticipates more sales in this area and the company is currently working on a 70,000-an-hour cupcake line for a Middle Eastern company. The line will cost between £5m and £6m and will be ready by March 2016.