Unifiller's Bakerbot icing a gingerbread biscuit

Source: Unifiller

Unifiller Systems has teamed up with supplier Apex Motional Control to create a baking robot.

The Baker-Bot, or collaborative robot (cobot), is a robotic bakery assistant for cake decorating systems.

It was designed to optimise labour and adapt to a variety of tasks with a quick tool change over, said the firm.

Unifiller Baker Bot

Source: Unifiller

The robot’s user-friendly interface allows bakers to program it specifically to address ‘pain points’ without breaks. It can load and unload pans onto conveyors and baking racks, decorate cakes and deposit flowable products, as well as pick and place items with precision.

“Now, with our new industry challenges, bakery and food manufacturers alike are often running shifts with limited labour and resources to get their products into the hands of consumers. The need to automate processes such as cake decorating in safe, efficient and hygienic ways has become even greater. The Baker-Bot addresses all of these points while simultaneously adding versatility and the ability to work without supervision,” said Martin Riis, director of sales and marketing at Canada-based Apex Motion Control.

The Baker-Bot can be easily integrated into any bakery or baking plant’s new or existing cake line, it added.

It compliments Unifiller’s cake production lines such as the ACIS or SKIL and can effectively border-ice and drizzle cakes. The launch comes after Unifiller’s recent cake decorating system for industrial bakes.

“Robotics are a very timely topic right now, in light of Covid-19. Automated solutions can help address challenges around social distancing or finding labour. The solution is very innovative and specific to an ideal customer where throughput capabilities need to be properly assessed. It’s a unique solution for a unique customer,” added Sonia Bal, director of marketing at Unifiller System.

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