Unifiller Multiple Servo Midfill

Source: Unifiller

Unifiller Systems has added to its portfolio with the Servo Layer Cake System designed to help industrial bakeries automate the filling of cakes.

The system can spread a layer of buttercream onto round or square cakes with what Unifiller describes as a high degree of consistency and speed.

It integrates with the cake stacking module as part of the Automated Cake Icing System. Unifiller recommends pairing it with both to streamline cake decorating while reducing strain or injury for employees.

It added that customers who have purchased this system as a component of their overall cake icing line from Unifiller have been able to speed up production, increase yield, optimise labour, and better manage product waste.

“The Servo Layer Cake System is a great solution for businesses struggling with low staff numbers, physical distancing, or meeting demand,” said Steven Belyea, applications manager at Unifiller Systems, which is a subsidiary of industrial equipment supplier Linxis Group.

“The Servo Layer Cake System is the best option for high throughput at 30 cakes per minute.”

This, he added, is double the speed it would take to manually mid-fill 30 cakes with the average worker achieving the same throughput in 10 minutes.

Bakeries of all sizes can benefit from the automation of cake decorating, believe equipment suppliers, which explore the issue in our latest feature: ‘Could automation be the icing on the cake?