The UK foodservice sector is set for value growth of £10bn giving it a worth of £56.3bn by 2019, according to consultancy Horizons. 

In 2014 the value of the foodservice sector saw nominal growth of 3.8% with real growth at 2.9%, giving it a current value of £46.6bn.

Managing director Peter Backman told delegates at the company’s annual briefing that coffee shops were a major sector driving the growth, together with pizza delivery outlets, managed pub brands and pub restaurants. He said he expected the sector to continue to grow over the next five years.

He said: “More robust levels of consumer consumption have been prompted by the fact people are now less exposed to high levels of borrowing, are more certain of their jobs, and are buoyed by low inflation. This is great news for the eating out sector – and while it’s not racing ahead, it is growing at a higher level than we have seen since before the economic downturn.

Bakery set for growth

Bakery brands Dunkin’ Donuts, Pieminister and Belgian waffle brand Wafflemeister were highlighted for growth, along with Fuel Juice Bars, Abokado and Tortilla Mexican Grill.

Horizons’ director of services Nicola Knight said: “Juice bars, Mexican outlets and specialists such as Pieminister and Dunkin’ Donuts are growing their estates and there is still plenty of room left for growth in the coffee sector.

She said the ‘hotspots’ for development in the UK included Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, some market towns and, of course, London.