On-the-go options are driving growth in breakfast consumption, according to the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB’s) latest consumer insight article.

The results showed that fewer people are skipping the first meal of the day, with 147m additional breakfasts tucked into in the year to June 2016 compared with the previous year.

In the year up to 19 June, there was a 15.6% increase in the number of breakfasts carried out from the home, as well as growth in sales of cereal and fruit bars (up to 2.7%) and breakfast biscuits (up 6.2%) compared with the previous year.

Baked goods such as crumpets and pastries also appealed to consumers, making an appearance in 10% more breakfasts in the year to 21 May than the year before.

AHDB analyst Katherine Jack said: “Out-of-home breakfasts are definitely a growing area, appealing to increasingly time-poor consumers who are willing to spend more for the sake of convenience.

“It’s also encouraging to see that fewer people are skipping breakfast overall, perhaps because manufacturers, retailers and food service outlets are developing products and promotions that make breakfast less a chore and more a pleasure.”

The AHDB runs an annual Breakfast Week campaign, which aims to motivate people to eat breakfast by highlighting its importance in a healthy lifestyle, as part of its work to support farmers and producers.