London-based Grill My Cheese has teamed up with Norseland to create a completely black cheese toastie ahead of National Grilled Cheese Day next week.

Called ‘The Big Black’, it features activated charcoal bread, Rubies in the Rubble blueberry chipotle barbecue sauce and cheese specialist Norseland’s new Ilchester Black Cheddar Total Eclipse slices. The colour of the cheese is obtained from a combination of carob and cocoa powder.

The sandwich will be available at Grill My Cheese’s site at Leather Lane, London from 12-2pm on Thursday 12 April, costing £5.

“When Norseland approached us with the idea of an all-black cheese toastie we were intrigued yet a little perplexed,” said Grill My Cheese co-founder Nishma Chauhan.

“Once we tried the black cheddar slices we knew we could make their idea work. With the chewiness of the charcoal bread, smoothness of the black cheddar and the fruity hit of the black blueberry BBQ sauce, it just worked. It might look different, and it does taste different, but for anyone who is a fan of the dark side, it’s a toastie you won’t forget.”