Bakery supplier Bako North Western Group has merged its businesses ABC Suppliers (Norwich) and Bako South Eastern (Wimbledon).

As part of an ongoing efficiency strategy across the group, operations at the Norwich depot are being wound down, and all deliveries and invoices are now being fulfilled by Bako South Eastern. Nine people have been made redundant as a result.

The Preston-based group, which supplies bakery ingredients and foodservice products, said ABC customers should experience little, if any, impact as customers will now be managed from the Bako offices in Wimbledon

“The transfer also means the ABC customer base has a greater access to a wider range, across the full portfolio of products, stocked by Bako North Western Group,” said the company.

ABC Suppliers was taken over by Bako North Western as part of its acquisition of Bako London & South East in 2013. Two years later, it acquired Bako North East & Scotland in 2015.

Combined revenues across the Bako North Western Group are around £122m, and the business has more than 50 years’ experience specialising in bakery wholesale.

Last year, Bako North Western Group announced it was aiming to secure new shareholder members following a decline in the number of shareholders.