Bridor baguettine legumi made from pulses and wheat flour

Source: Bridor

French bakery manufacturer Bridor has unveiled a protein-rich bread called Legumi.

The bread features a mix of lentils, beans and dried peas to create what the company describes as a ‘flavoursome and nutritional baguette’. Its ‘unique’ taste comes from a blend of T65 wheat flour, chickpea and green lentil flours, as well as the whole red lentils and touch of T65 wheat sourdough. Its topped with durum wheat flour which gives it ‘added texture and a crispy finish’.

Legumi is available in two sizes – half baguettes which weigh 140g and bâtard loaves which weigh 300g. The two sizes, Bridor added, means it is suitable for a variety of occasions including on-the-go, at home consumption and eating out.

“Pulses appeal to the healthy consumer as they have a low-fat content and are packed with vegetable protein and fibre, as well as vitamins and minerals, such as iron, zinc, folate, and magnesium. Bridor’s new baguette not only offers customers a healthy bread but delivers a great taste and the quality the brand is renowned for,” Bridor said.

The use of pulses in the loaves, added the firm, are designed to appeal to the rising number of health-conscious and eco-conscious consumers.

It comes just a few months after the bakery manufacturer unveiled L’Ambiote, an enriched fibre bread range. The sourdough-based loaves feature seven vegetal fibres which were ‘rigorously selected’ for their health benefits following four years of research.