British consumers will typically eat 18,304 sandwiches in their lifetime, according to a new study.

The research also revealed that Brits spend £48,339 on sandwiches over the course of their lives and that 56% of British consumers eat at least one sandwich per day.

The online survey of 2,000 Brits, conducted by Ginger Research on behalf of Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo, found the BLT was the nation’s most loved sandwich, with chicken mayo coming runner-up and bacon coming third.

A spokesperson for Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo said the findings showed Brits were very particular when it came to their sandwiches, which were still the go-to option for lunch.

“The fact that it’s so quick to make, cheap and you can pretty much have any filling you fancy makes it an obvious choice for schoolchildren, workers, busy mums and anyone on the go,” said the spokesperson.

Leeds emerged as the sandwich capital of the UK, with those from the northern city consuming 20 sandwiches every month.

The most popular sandwich fillings identified by the survey are:

1. BLT

2. Chicken mayo

3. Bacon with ketchup or brown sauce

4. Ham and cheese

5. Cheese and pickle

6. Smoked salmon and cream cheese

7. Tuna mayonnaise

8. Egg mayonnaise

9. Prawn mayonnaise

10. Cheese

11. Beef and horseradish

12. Chip butty

13. Bacon and brie

14. Coronation chicken

15. Sausage and egg

16. Egg and cress

17. Pulled pork

18. Ham salad and mayonnaise

19. Turkey and cranberry sauce

20. Corned beef

21. Crisps

22. Fish fingers and tartare sauce

23. Ham and mayonnaise

24. Peanut butter and jam

25. Just mayonnaise