Gail’s has created what it claims is the UK’s first loaf made using leftover bread.

Named Waste Bread, the sourdough loaves are made by turning surplus bread into porridge which is then added into the dough. Gail’s says the bread has a tacky, textured crumb, which sits beneath a thick crust. And, because the leftovers are different every day, each loaf has a distinct taste.

The loaves, priced at £4.20, will be available in select Gail’s stores as of 11 October rolling out into its other stores soon after. The first stores to stock it are: Barnes, Blackheath, Chiswick, Crouch End, Dulwich, Hampstead, Highgate, Parsons Green, Queens Park and Wanstead.

“We’re lucky to have passionate bakers creating exceptional food every day, and the Waste Bread is a great example of our expertise and passion further aligning with the values of our communities,” said Tom Molnar, Gail’s CEO and co-founder.

Roz Bado, Gail’s development baker, added: “Growing up with a love of baking, there’s nothing more rewarding than developing a new bread and seeing it on our bakeries’ shelves’.”

Waste Bread is part of the bakery’s commitment to reducing food waste, which also sees surplus donated to more than 40 local charities.

Also in October, Gail’s will be rolling out 100% compostable coffee cups made of BioPBS – a type of biodegradable plastic derived from natural resources such as sugarcane, cassava and corn.

Earlier in the year, Gail’s teamed up with Canteen No 4 – a pop-up supper club – to host a dinner made from surplus food. This included bread that Bado created by folding scraps through fresh bread dough in order to create a new loaf.