Gluten-free bakery Beyond Bread has expanded into a second branch that will be located in Islington, London.

The bakery opened its doors in January 2015 near Tottenham Court Road station, and claimed to be one of the first London bakeries to sell nothing but gluten-free products.

The original branch was 30sq m and the new location is 75sq m, which includes outside seating and a garden for consumers.

Beyond Bread manager Kasia Kenczia exclusively told British Baker: “It’s really exciting to open up the second branch. The new bakery is almost triple the size of the other shop and we’ve also developed new products and offer a wider range of selections and dairy-free items.”

The company bakes everything itself at a central location and mixes its own unique flour. The opening has provided an opportunity to sell new products in the bakery, such as flatbreads and pizzas, revealed Kenczia. 

She added: “We’re doing a whole day brunch, seven days a week, to utilise our products to advertise our new location. We are looking for people to come along! The bakers at the company are constantly exploring and experimenting with new ways to use gluten-free ingredients.”

Some of the opening offers at the Islington branch include: a gluten-free treat and hot drink for £2.50, and a cup of coffee for just £1.

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