KLBD, a global kosher certification authority, has announced that Hovis has chosen to become kosher-certified.

Most of the Hovis range, including Hovis Soft White, Best of Both and Seed Sensations, has secured KLBD certification.

Rabbi Conway, director of KLBD, said: “To have another national brand, and especially one of the calibre of Hovis, choosing to get KLBD Kosher Certification shows the standing of kosher within the retail market.

Kosher is synonymous with quality, and our certification can help companies stand out in a competitive food industry and enable even well-known brands to enhance their market position.”

Sophie Lyons , marketing manager of Hovis, said: “The Hovis brand has an enormously strong sense of heritage and trust, which is why it’s great news to see our popular loaves added to the list of kosher products.”

Hovis plans to introduce a new ‘softer’ recipe for its Best of Both and Soft White this month, supported by new packaging designs.