Kara, the foodservice brand of Finsbury Food Group, has extended its Indulgent Cake Collection with three new autumn-inspired cakes.

Available to order from August, the new cakes on offer will be the Banana and Toffee Kiss, Rose and Vanilla Shimmer cake and Dulce de Leche.

The Banana and Toffee Kiss contains three banana sponges and is decorated with toffee buttercream ‘kisses’, caramel and chocolate curls, and a chocolate compound drizzle.

The Rose and Vanilla Shimmer cake comprises three soft vanilla sponges, sandwiched between rose-flavoured frosting, enrobed with rose ganache, topped with hand-piped pink flavoured roses, raspberry pieces and finished with sparkle dusting.

Finally, the Dulce de Leche is a double-layered toffee-flavoured sponge cake, topped with buttercream, caramel and dark chocolate curls, and soft fudge pieces.

The three additions were driven by millennials looking for the perfect ‘social media’ snaps, according to the brand.

“The launch of the new autumn cakes are perfect for our Indulgent Cake Collection, it demonstrates the innovative and exciting cakes Kara produces, and we can’t wait to see them in foodservice outlets,” said Kara’s marketing manager Jane Deegan.

“With desserts increasing on menus by 18% [source: MCA] this past year and customers continually seeking new and interesting sweet dishes, the three cakes are a great addition to the Indulgent Cake Collection, aiding outlets in having a tempting offering to get a slice of sweet market sales.”

Kara recently expanded its line-up with the launch of Sourdough Doughballs.