London-based Uncle John’s Bakery, which specialises in traditional Ghanaian products, has partnered with Deliveroo for local delivery.

The majority of the bakery’s items, apart from loaves of bread, will be available to order via the Deliveroo app or website from today (1 May) for delivery within a three-mile radius of Uncle John’s Tottenham Store on West Green Road.

Items available include carrot, coconut and chocolate sponge cakes, as well as Ghanaian meat, chicken and fish pies, sweet bread rolls and a range of beverages, such as Ghanaian Fanta, Supermalt and pineapple malt drink Alvaro.

Also available to order are:

  • Savoury/coconut chin-chin – Also called Ghanaian chips, chin-chin is a type of thin biscuit designed for snacking. The savoury one is flavoured with cracked black pepper.
  • Pollo – A popular street snack in Ghana, pollo is a type of coconut biscuit. Unlike some, the pollo at Uncle John’s Bakery is baked not fried.
  • Bofrot – A traditional Ghanaian doughnut flavoured with sweet spices.
  • Hausa Koko – A type of thick spicy millet porridge, often made by soaking millet in water for two to three days.

One of the main reasons the bakery decided to work with Deliveroo was to broaden its customer base.

“We trust that, through working with Deliveroo, our business will be able to grow and generate new revenue that we can use to improve our product quality and service,” said Uncle John’s Bakery director Samuel Mensah.

“Additionally, Deliveroo is renowned for having expert logistics and is able to deliver products from our store to our customers in under 10 minutes. This is beneficial for us as we are able to serve all our customers efficiently without the quality of our products being compromised.”

Earlier this year, the business gained listings for four of its products in 42 Morrisons stores across the country.