Britain’s bakeries, supermarkets and suppliers are continuing to roll out products to tap the vegan boom.

NPD already brought to market includes Costa’s ham-free toastie and Co-op’s duck-free wrap, but there are many other products hitting shelves as businesses seek to meet the demands of Veganuary consumers.

Here are some of the latest examples of vegan bakery NPD:

Dum Dum Doughnuts

The specialist retailer’s Veganuary range includes four new offerings: Galaxy with a berry fruit preserve and galaxy soil fondant; almond butter & raspberry; blueberry; and chocolate & pistachio.

The doughnuts, available in Dum Dum stores nationwide, contain olive oil and roasted almond butter and are baked rather than fried.

Doughnut Time

Launching for Veganuary include are Fairy Godmother, featuring a vegan buttercream frosting with 100s and 1,000s; PB & J-Lo, a peanut butter jelly version; and Cinnaman, with its secret cinnamon butter, dipped in a sticky maple glaze.

Already available in store is Crumbledore, which features blackberry glaze, is filled with apple and blackberry jam, and topped with vegan cinnamon-butter pie crumble.


The supermarket has unveiled a £10 Vegan Chocolate Celebration Cake in the shape of an avocado. Approved by The Vegan Society, it is made with dairy-free chocolate sponge and covered with green frosting.

Birds Bakery

The Derby-based bakery has revealed a new vegan product range comprising: gingerbread biscuits; mini jam doughnuts; savoury rolls with cranberries, sweetcorn & mixed peppers; houmous & roasted red pepper sandwich; chocolate bar with a mixed peel topping; and a beetroot, lettuce & tomato sandwich with a beetroot & onion relish.

There was a huge demand for the vegan products, which had been in development since October, said the company.

Chicago Town

Frozen pizza brand Chicago Town has added a Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Pizza to its Stuffed Crust Takeaway range. Available now in Iceland, Tesco and Asda, it has tomato sauce stuffed crust, topped with juicy peppers and onions, filled with jackfruit in a sticky BBQ sauce and finished off with dairy-free mozzarella.

Ole & Steen

The bakery has launched the Vegan Thai Roll (£5.60) comprising a fresh Danish Skagen torpedo roll with Thai-spiced mushroom, white cabbage, fresh coriander and vegan sesame mayonnaise.

It is also rolling out a Vegan Cheese and Caramelised Onion Toastie (£6.75), with spiced, baked celeriac and vegan parsley pesto on vegan focaccia.

Deliciously Ella

The plant-based brand has unveiled a frozen vegan Fudgy Chocolate Brownie (£2.99) containing coconut sugar, gluten-free oat flour, cacao powder and chia seeds. It has been listed in a two-pack by Tesco, Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic.