The Crossed Grain trademark on Nairn's packaging

Source: Nairn’s

Nairn’s Choc Chip Oaties are among the products to bear the symbol

Coeliac UK is urging manufacturers to sign up to its labelling scheme after research found 76% of gluten free consumers actively want products to be labelled with the Crossed Grain trademark.

The survey 0f 6,500 consumers, 77% of whom have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, also found that two out of three gluten free consumers say they trust products licensed with the trademark more than they trust gluten-free labelled products without it.

The trademark shows that a product has been through a rigorous process, based on an international standard, to demonstrate that it is for safe consumption for people with coeliac disease.

Manufacturers and brand owners can apply for a licence to use the Crossed Grain trademark and certify their eligible gluten free products with Coeliac UK, as well as being able to access consultancy support to ensure on-pack messaging and labelling meets gluten-free legal requirements. This, Coeliac UK added, provides consumers with certainty on the gluten status of a product beyond the use of the wording ‘gluten free’ on pack and plays an important role in purchase decisions.

Crossed Grain symbol audit process

Source: Coeliac UK

The Crossed Grain symbol audit process

It also said clear and accurate labelling is a ‘lifeline’ to those who need to follow a gluten-free diet.

“At least 1 in 100 people in the UK and Europe are affected by coeliac disease, where the only treatment available is to follow a strict gluten free diet for life,” said Hilary Croft, CEO of Coeliac UK.

“This makes food labelling incredibly important as eating food containing gluten can have a serious impact on the health of people with coeliac disease. The Crossed Grain trademark is a nationally and internationally recognised symbol, promoted by coeliac organisations across the world, providing a trusted and quick signpost for consumers that the food products are safe for them to eat.”

Nairn’s and Warburtons are among the bakery brands that have products which bear the symbol.

“We have been using the Crossed Grain trademark since we launched our gluten free range in 2011, and without it, our free from range wouldn’t be where it is today,” said Chris Hook, director – free from at Warburtons. “The benefit to both us, as a manufacturer, as well as our retail partners and consumers cannot be underestimated.”

Emma Heath, head of marketing at Nairn’s, added that the trademark “provides added and instantly recognisable reassurance to those that need it that our products are of a high quality and certified safe to eat”.