Research by Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board Cereals and Oilseeds (AHDB) has found that bread features in 28% of breakfasts in the UK.

New research by trainee analyst Tom Dracup at AHDB found that while bread features in 28% of breakfasts, cereals feature in 61%.

The report was commissioned with Breakfast Week (24-30 January) in mind – the week used to raise the profile of breakfast and encourage healthily eating in the morning.

It said that product development was vital to encourage people against skipping breakfast, and showed that the number of people eating breakfast was up 1% year-on-year. Eighty-four per cent of all breakfasts are eaten within the home and, according to the AHDB Consumer Tracker conducted by YouGov, 58% said they always ate breakfast. Of those who said they rarely or never ate breakfast, 31% of them said they did not have enough time.

Taste and flavour

The report said: “Taste is still the biggest single factor behind the decision to eat breakfast”, but consumers are also beginning to look for extra flavour to their breakfasts.

It went on to say that: “With a consumer drive for variety and convenience as well as wanting more from breakfast, there is no space for complacency, and new product innovation is vital to tap into the key growth areas.”