CSM Ingredients recipes

CSM Ingredients

CSM Ingredients has launched a recipe collection to help bakers create in-demand summer products for customers.

The new two new books – forming a collection called ‘Great Summer of Celebrations’ – include recipes for ‘classics and firm family favourites’.

The ingredients supplier said the aim of the collection is to help bakers extend their summer rages and drive sales from existing and new customers, catering for the desire to eat al fresco at picnics and parties or indoors for family gatherings at the centre of summer celebrations.

The complete range of recipes comprises:

• Fondant Fancies

• Mini Victoria Sponges

• Fun Cupcakes

• Cherry & Pecan Farmhouse Slice

• Macaroons

• Rose Cupcakes

• Traditional Summer Trifle

• Shortbread Strawberry Stack

• Union Jack Shortbread

• Royal Cupcakes

• Blackberry and Almond & Oat Farmhouse Minis.

The collection has been put together to appeal to all age groups and the recipes have been designed around a range of CSM ingredients that can also be used across other products, the company said. The aim is to offer economies of scale when it comes to budget planning, CSM added.

“We developed the new recipes to help bakers expand their product offering as we head into the summer months,” said Cristiana Ballarini, marketing director for pastry mixes at CSM Ingredients. “The high quality, delicious range has a wide-ranging appeal across all age groups and is designed for eating al fresco, and weather dependent, inside too!

“Visually they are designed to have appeal on the counter as well as catching the eye on social media channels. The toppings and fillings colour schemes tap into the summer trends. We also wanted to ensure they offered economies of scale by using mixes that can be used throughout the year,” Ballarini added.